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Yoel Tordjman Quots


 Our future is the memories of our present to understand our past.


 “Discovering that our knowledge is an illusion make us ready to learn about life.."


3 sources are necessary to have "knowledge" . -1- What we learn from other -2- what we do with our heart with the First one. -3- The inspiration of the soul...then we "know".


The "ego" is the first expression of our by the envelop...when we go through and look beyond our primary emotions we discover the infinite power of soul...when we forget our "knowledge" we start to learn about our soul....


The soul comes from a place where we are nothing.


Our being of something is the limit of nothing, where infinity can be reach...


Einstein said that life is like a riding a bike " to keep balance we have to keep moving" so we can transform this quote and say " life is like a book, to make the dreams comes true , we have to keep turning on the pages…


le coeur est le témoin de notre verite , notre "etre" sans couverture a pages ouvertes..merci de lire une telle emouvante beaute …


Dissolving, reflecting, mixing, those all actions in a blurred states of minds to let the emergence of our illusions tracing the path of the truth. The simple way to knowledge it's to let it flow and to follow the unknown…


Every moment in the nature is unique...we just have to look at on and see how much Beauty , secrets and wonderful energy is there...sometimes i get a gift to feel it and to find the way to explore and extreme a little part of. Imagination is our freedom if we use it for good…


My work is based on the emotions of life and I use art as the vector, cloths to dress it and to communicate. This is the reason why, I photograph objects, subject to memorize my emotions and it is only then that begins the creation. Paint, erase, change, and transform to obtain the result that expresses my first emotion. Emotions and memory are dynamic.


Because we are human, each new look makes us discovering other horizons.


My work is start somewhere in minimalism and go to some direction...religion for sure not but spiritual i agree because my life...but i don’t know why but i feel that is more simple ....and for sure harder for the art critics...but for me it's just a sharing of a human being when we look at the beauty and the wonderful deepness of life...and the fantastic simplicity of what we want to be.


We wrote the life at each moment by our transparency and the words that are live and make our life as we want to be.


We all have inside light that's shine our soul we need always to see it in the mirror by cleaning our minds from dark's thoughts.


Life can be a book that full and empty itself day after our minds and way to see the life.


The book is the origin of all and he stays open..and each person ad his story of human being and share his feelings with other…

Dreams come true by our words, writing what we want for our future make our present full of peace and light..Day after day, until it's happen.


Art exist to sublime the soul.


A door is an opening to where you want to be. we are where our minds are and our minds are where we want to be…


Flower Colorful love has to be in our heart for us and for other to find the freedom. Michael Irwin it's forbidden to be old..So love have to grow with our time for a real one and not only an emotional it's more easy with time to appreciate the others if we keep a smile on our face.


Emotions and smile are mixed in my minds by reading your deeply and touching words.


When we feel joy and happiness to share it with love we find and achieve our purpose and find our soul mate.


Art is opening our emotions to make us "vulnerable" to be alive.


Emagination is the key for freedom and creativity without limits.


I will say that we have no Concert idea about G-od Thought but by watching deeply the creation we can have a smell of light of what this can be. And in my eyes this is the matter of art. Watching, looking deeply with an open heart to let our soul being enlighted by the simplest flower that human can’t create. and this for sure making us full of joy and happiness for a better life for us and for all peoples around us.


Un'know mean : to cease to know... how can we create, change, imagine , dream , if we stay with illusion of knowledge.. How can we learn if we already unow? Life can be fresh like an "unknown" book without title on the cover to leave each day like the first one of our life














































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