30 years of development and experience within the world of print, art and design has been the preparation of the art work presented today.


Installations, photography, drawing, painting, colors, light, shapes, shadows and composition, are the elements of my art work. My canvas is a screen and my materials are colored particulars of light...


Using all traditional techniques of art, with virtual tools such as wireless pen brush, pigments inks, lacquers.


Creating an expression of a dream and spirit where the reality appears more real than ever.

Starting with an emotion/feeling, I shoot any subject that I find on my journey to give shape to my inspiration and my feelings... Back to my studio i begin the art process to complete an abstract, conceptual, emotional and spiritual work, with my personal statement into a new creation.


Mixed Techniques.



4 steps are parts of the process to the original final art work.


1) - Photography

2) - Digital hand painting with wireless brush.

3) - Over painting with pigments ink on the art printed canvas/paper.


4) - Colored lacquers and varnish






Canvas Size: 110 x110 - 110 x 170 - 150 x 260- Others size by special order

Number of pieces: 6 - numbered, signed with certificate of authenticity.

each art piece is a unique creation, hand made finished.

yoel tordjman, french israeli, contemporary artist