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Yoel Tordjman 

Autodidact:  Artist. Writer, designer, music composer.

Born in Paris 1960 - Live in Israel since 1989

Married with children's and grandchildren.

​2012 -2022  Art Exhibition. Tel aviv - Safed - Jerusalem- Paris- New York


2011. 2021 -Starts to publish his own art works on social network.


His works are popular on social networks.

He has published 613 works with over 700.000 likes

and 80.000 comments from all over the world with  7 millions of visitors.


2008-2010. Appointed High School Academy Consultant

for Government Sciences and Technology .


Art director department . Rewrote the Art and Design Study Program

for Orthodox High School.

Concept and realization of new final and model project students.

Appointed design national controller for final projects.



2002 -2008. Made the local news paper revolution by redesigning

the whole advertising concept.

Designed more than 400 advertising campaign, logos and Brand name companies.


1999-2002 . Created the first art movie clips on internet

and one of  the biggest art portal search engine. Specialist of flash web sites and image web solutions for International companies and government offices.


1989 - 1999. Moved to Israel and opened an art and design studio. Concept, images and creations for government offices and brand names company.


1986- starts his own design and marketing company. Art productions. Network solutions marketing.

Fine art prints and promotions for international company.


1985 – Starts by Xerox company as a salesman . Appointed first salesman . Group salesman chief department - Xerox documenter development team.


1981- Starts a social activity by animated young community centers appointed as animator center in Grenoble. 1983- appointed young culture and social director of the Strasbourg Center. Conferences, radio and public interventions up until today.



Jewish orthodox school -Aix les Bains France - Luzern Switzerland

Yeshivat Chidoushey Harim Israel Chassidic Gour - Breslev Hassidic student until today.


Grew up in a family print house.


Starts as stagier typographer in 1979 and lives the development of the print process from letter plumb to offset films and plate making in several print houses in France.


Professional experiences:

Typography, all categories of print and art reproductions. Graphic design, interior design, industrial design, multimedia and web design, Photography. Painting. Sculpturing. Digital art. Social and young cultural manager. High tech, computer, advertising campaigns.


Works and project realizations:

Several concepts and realizations of news papers, international art projects. Government press offices, museums, galleries and artists. International companies.



yoel tordjman, french israeli, contemporary artist

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